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The KIN Consulting & Research Services Company

    The KIN Consulting & Research Services is coordinating between Software Developers and Hardware Engineers to develope "The KIN PDA Diagnostic Scanner"

1* Software: The link below is for medical software packages (Our Ultrasound Anatomical Database will be available soon).   I get a percentage of every sale!   Thank you in advance for supporting this software aggregator.
CollectiveMed.com Medical PDA Software
2* Hardware: (The Global Spec Search Engine below is designed for Hardware Engineers.)

                         The Future of Diagnostic Tools

    I am promoting the production of a Diagnostic PDA that would work like a Medical tricorder from STAR TREK. The key is to have an ultrasound (Terahertz) scanner built into your PDA that records and allows for the qualifying or labeling of each individual sound. Thus describing each part of the Anatomy.

    From our extensive experience with ultrasound we have discovered that each body type has different frequencies. For instance: North European Frequencies, South European Frequencies, African Frequencies, Asian Freqeuncies, & Indian Frequencies.

    Once you have attained an Anatomical database of each of the aforementioned groups. You can then proceed to assume a Standard Profile for healthy people.

    This is where it gets interesting. You then scan "Emergency Room" patients with the PDA as a diagnostic device. The variations from the Standard Profile would be the ailment or symptom. I am providing software developers with our specifications so that they may design the software package. A common quote in the software developers world is "Software leads....hardware follows".


Khalid "Kal" I. Natto
The Chairman of the Board
The KIN Consortium
Fax Number: 1(610)-300-5883
Objective is to detail the whole anatomy of the body and analyze.

Software Product Specifications:
1* Create six templates to be used as Standards of different types of the healthy human body.
2* Comparison & contrast new captured data against appropriate standard.
3* Scanner (Frequency hopping) in Ultrasound, which allows for recording or capturing of each sound of the human anatomy (Denoted in Gigahertz or preferrably Terahertz).
4* Imaging in 3D Graphics for each of the anatomical parts.
5* Will also need additional templates to represent each of the healthy anatomical standard's for different age groups.
6* Contact manager to keep track of patients and there files.
Hardware Specifications:
1* Light wait like a PDA.
2* Sound recorder range from 0 Gigahertz to 130 Decibals.
3* Memory capacity should exceed 16 Gigabytes (Compensating for profile storage, software package, and new patients ).
4* Fastest Intel Processor you can imagine (The calculations of each of thousands of recordings and comparing them to the healthy standard profiles).
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