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The KIN Consulting & Research Services Company

   The KIN Consulting and Research Services Company sells the analysis and visions of Chairman Natto (Published April 22nd, 2006):

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                        Chairman's Views on The Antibiotics Related Industry

   The simple truth of the matter is that the Pharmaceutical Industry is going to have a rather drastic slide.   The fact is that there is a disease that is killing white blood cells.   As the disease grows, the source for new antibodies subsequently declines.   They are inversely correlated  (rate of disease vs rate of new antibodies).   As a result there will be a drop in earnings forecasts, which will make it harder to raise money for the pharmaceutical companies.   This risk was not mentioned in the 10-K form of the following company.

   It is as if they do not know that the solution is theoretically The KIN Intravenous Solution (Glucose + Cloned White Blood Cells).   If anybody needs more information on the protocols for ex vivo production of white blood cells, then please contact the Chairman at khalidnatto@gmail.com.

                 Chairman's Research on "Schering Plough Corp." (SGP)

"Schering Plough Corp."(SGP)
"Schering Plough Corp." Graph source Edgar Online Pro on April 21st, 2006

  The Following data is sourced from Yahoo Finance & the ANNUAL REPORT ON FORM 10-K For the Year Ended December 31, 2005 . The overview of the company was:


  Schering-Plough Corporation engages in the discovery, development, manufacture, and marketing of drug therapies. It operates in three segments: Prescription Pharmaceuticals, Consumer Health Care, and Animal Health. The Prescription Pharmaceuticals segment offers primary care products, such as allergy/respiratory products, antibiotics for certain respiratory and skin infections, and dermatologicals, including steroid creams, lotions, and ointments; specialty care products, such as anti-virals, anti-inflammatories, oncology drugs, acute coronary care products, and products for other disorders; and cholesterol-absorption inhibitors and cholesterol-lowering tablets. This segment sells its products to hospitals, certain managed care organizations, wholesale distributors, and retail pharmacists. The Consumer Health Care segment offers non-drowsy antihistamines; cold and allergy, allergy sinus, flu, and nasal decongestant tablets; nasal decongestant sprays, and laxative tablets; and foot care and sun care products. This segment sells its products through wholesale and retail drug, food chain, and mass merchandiser outlets. The Animal Health segment offers steroids for otitis in dogs, topical insecticide for dogs, pet recovery services, anti-inflammatory/analgesic for dogs, parasiticide for sea lice in salmon, antibiotic for farm-raised fish, and bovine and swine antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, pneumonia vaccines. This segment sells its products to veterinarians, distributors, and animal producers. The company operates in the United States, Europe, Canada, Pacific Area and Asia, and Latin America. Schering-Plough has collaboration and licensing agreement with PTC Therapeutics, Inc. for the development of PTC's preclinical compounds for the oral treatment of hepatitis C virus infection and other viral diseases. The company was incorporated in 1928 and is headquartered in Kenilworth, New Jersey.

                            Highlights of Risks Related to Our (SGP) Business

   For further detail please review the 10 K Form in detail.

Risk Factors

1. Key Company products generate a significant amount of the Company’s profits and cash flows, and any events that adversely affect the market for its leading products could have a material and negative impact on results of operations and cash flows.

2. There is a high risk that funds invested in research will not generate financial returns because the development of novel drugs requires significant expenditures with a low probability of success.

3. The Company’s success is dependent on the development and marketing of new products, and uncertainties in the regulatory and approval process may result in the failure of products to reach the market.

4. Intellectual property protection is an important contributor to the Company’s profitability and as patents covering the Company’s products expire or if they are found to be invalid, generic forms of the Company’s products may be introduced to the market, which may have a material and negative affect on results of operations.

5. Patent disputes can be costly to prosecute and defend and adverse judgments could result in damage awards, increased royalties and other similar payments and decreased sales.

6. U.S. and foreign regulations, including those establishing the Company’s ability to price products, may negatively affect the Company’s sales and profit margins.

7. There are material pending investigations against the Company, the outcome of which could include the commencement of civil and/or criminal proceedings involving the imposition of substantial fines, penalties and injunctive or administrative remedies, including exclusion from government reimbursement programs.

8. There are other legal matters in which adverse outcomes could negatively affect the Company’s business.

9. The Company is subject to governmental regulations, and the failure to comply with, as well as the costs of compliance of, these regulations may adversely affect the Company’s financial position and results of operations.

10. Developments following regulatory approval may decrease demand for the Company’s products.

11. New products and technological advances developed by the Company’s competitors may negatively affect sales.

12. Because the Company often competes with other companies to acquire or license products (whether in early stage development or already approved for commercial sale) that the Company believes to be clinically or commercially attractive, it may be difficult for the Company to enter into such transactions.

13. The Company relies on third party relationships for its key products and changes to the third parties that are outside its control may impact the business.

14. The Company operates a global business that exposes the Company to additional risks, and any adverse events could have a material negative impact on results of operations.

15. Insurance coverage for product liability may become unavailable or cost prohibitive.

16. The Company is subject to evolving and complex tax laws, which may result in additional liabilities that may affect results of operations.

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