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Project I) The Documentary on "The International Clone Lymphocyte Rally"

Dear Sponsors,

    I now know the protocols for cloning lymphocytes.   We got this information as part of our research and the production of an ongoing documentary film.   Its about the promotion of an innovative medical concept "Cloning Lymphocytes" around the world.   KIN Promotions is selling T-shirts, signs, bumper stickers, hats, balloons, photos, research, advertising space on the E-Magazine, and sponsorship of the Documentary film.   The Overall goal is an effort to raise public awareness & funds for the medical industry, so that we may produce the KIN Intravenous Solution   (Glucose +   Artificial white blood cells).   We have recently had some success with the Senate "Labor, Health , & Human Services Committee".   Read more about the results of our efforts on    Congressional Hearings (CLICK HERE)

    If you are interested in supporting us contact the Chairman Natto at email: khalidnatto@gmail.com.   If you want to see what Senator Gordon Smith of Oregon & Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas have to say on this project click on the following url:

1. Senator Gordon Smith USA TODAY
2. Senator Sam Brownback Star Tribune

    The Senator's on the Hill found my research to be particularly interesting because it was the common ground between the huge ethical controversy over financing embryonic vs adult stem cell research.   Artificial white blood cells can be cloned without delving into the whole ethical issue. Voila!



Khalid "Kal" I. Natto
The Chairman of the Board
The KIN Consortium

Part 1) The KIN Productions (Specifications and examples):

A) Each project will be featured on its own Page. For example, an earlier project was, "The Future Of Medicine"
B) The KIN Productions will host all films on Google Videos
C) The KIN Productions will host all Audio Presentation will be on Ourmedia
D)The KIN WEB Developers: All editing of audio & video is done with the latest cutting edge software packages.
E) The KIN Productions will host all back up Video Hosting on Ourmedia

Part 2) The KIN Promotions

A) The KIN Promotional Gear
B) Clone Lymphocyte Promotional Campaign
C) (New Commentary from Three Senators) Reviews Page
D) Interested Sponsors for the Documentary Film can fill out the application below or contact the Chairman directly at email: khalidnatto@gmail.com

Project II) For New projects contact The KIN Website Developer at Email: khalidnatto@gmail.com
A)  The KIN WEB Developers.
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