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   A white paper on the industry standard for a "Mobile Office".

                                   Chairman's Model

   Dear Patrons,

   The KIN Consulting and Research Services Company would be happy to set up your mobile office for you.   We can give you the freedom you deserve to fly around the world or got to the beach.   If you need to set up a mobile office, then contact Chairman Natto at khalidnatto@gmail.com.

  " I utilise a number of companies to run my internet based mobile office.   An excellent idea is that you review your needs first, then we will network between the various companies to provide the ideal solution:

1)   Email Archives ===> Open an account with Google Mail (Invitation only) and Yahoo Mail.
2)  Address Book ===> Yahoo Mail and Google Mail
3)  A place to take notes and organize folders.===> Yahoo Mail (Notepad & Calendar)
4)  Autoreplies (For your clients to feel that there message got through,   and they can know a little bit about where you are and what you are doing.)===>Yahoo & Google Mail
5)   Fax and voice mail that gets delivered straight into your inbox. Thus you can be accessible.===> Lycos Phone for telephone, fax, and voicemail Lycos Phone Beta. or J2.com
6)  Accessibility==>Yahoo messenger including Mobile yahoo.
Yahoo Messenger.
7)  Portability==>Palm Lifedrive Manager 4 Gigabytes of memory plus compatibility with the Internet Content Providers Yahoo and Google.
8)  The best Webhost for websites is Lycos(www.tripod.com). Tripod.
9)   The best transaction server is www.Paypal.com
10)   Telemarketing toll free companies.===> www.skype.com"


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