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The KIN Consulting & Research Services Company

WWW The KIN Consulting & Research Services

   The KIN Consulting & Research Services is the engine for research and development with in The KIN Consortium. We have innovative medical concepts, excellent relationships with Scientists around the world (Both Academic & Industrial), & we have gained the recognition of politicians & investment bankers around the World.   Here we are on the food chain of the medical industry (Big Pharmaceuticals ==> Biotechnology Companies (Stem Cell Research Centers)==> Medical Schools ==> Theoretical Research Companies).

                                   Chairman's Views

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   Dear Readers,

   I have an excellent idea that I would like to show you. Its comes in two parts:

     1) The KIN Intravenous Solution (Glucose & Cloned lymphocytes).
     2) The ISCE (International Stem Cell Exchange) A market for trading individual stems of the DNA Chromosome & new antibodies from all around the world.

   The combination of the aforementioned ideas should ramp up the growth rate of